"Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."


Prayer is essential to hearing and communicating with God. It is literally your direct line to God. Prayer is when you have a talk with God.


When you have information you want to share with friends, family, and colleagues, what do you do? YOU TALK TO THEM. The same thing applies with God, you can talk to Him and consult with Him like anyone else. To be perfectly honest, you are to consult and talk with God before anyone else and surely after anyone else.


The word of God says to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV).


Apparently, prayer is such an important thing to God that He instructs you to do it without discontinuation! God wants to hear from you, He wants to see that you know you have a relationship with Him like anyone else of importance in your life.


When you pray, you release the contents of your heart into words and lift it up to the Heavens, to a concerned God. No prayer is too small or too big to the powerful Father you have in God. Your conversation with God is so important because it shows you humbling yourself to God and that you take notice of His power to change a situation.


Your words are so powerful because they have a meaning so when you pray, things will change!


Praying shifts the air and space around you. Praying scripture (saying the words of God back to God) actually makes evil flee so your attitude about the situation or the situation itself will change for the better for the glory of God. Cry out to God, tell Him what is on your mind. One thing I have noticed personally that if you pray about something for a time period constantly with enough passion or pain for least 5 minutes straight you will start to feel something physically leave your body. Your spirit will start to release whatever that is not of God from you (try it and send me some emails testifying about it so I can praise God and rejoice with you please :). Hence the acronym P.U.S.H. which means pray until something happens.

It is important that you spend more time praying and talking to God He has all the answers you will ever need to every single problem in your life but you must first talk with Him so He can tell you. The more time you spend releasing what is in your heart to God the less time the lies of Satan can creep in your heart and allow evil thoguhts and actions to take root and form.


Prayer does not always have to be when something is wrong you can chat with God when things are going well too! You can thank God for His Heavenly assistance for when times were bad and thank Him for you having a time of peace and joy!


With that being said, if your prayer does not line up with the will of God or is not holy, do not expect for God to place His hand on it. Be encouraged but God will not answer your prayer of causing harm to anyone! However, He will heal your heart so you will not want others to be harmed :).


May you P.U.S.H THROUGH today and forever more!

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