The god of Gamble

"Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

The god of Gamble

Have you heard the phrase “life’s a gamble”? If you have not, the saying implies that we take a chance when we live our life. That we are taking a shot of the darkest of the darkest shadows of the unknown. I would like you to know that this is an ideology from the pits of Hell! The only games of chance we take are when we are living outside the will of God.


Let me further explain …..


The other day I was out and about being about my Father’s business and someone gave me a lottery ticket. Immediately I smiled and thanked them and told them to enjoy the rest of the day. When I got alone, I sat and started to think about what was the purpose of the ticket. My first thought was why did I accept the ticket and I do not gamble anymore. Even when I did gamble, I usually gambled with other people’s money because I knew I worked too hard to play with my own money (sigh).  Then I realized I accepted the person’s kind gesture without a second thought and that assured me that it was not of my own doing but of God’s doing. I personally would have told the person no thank you I do not gamble and may have left the person with a sour taste in their mouth or sparked a debate (look at how God works). Once I realized that God wanted me to have the ticket for whatever reason, I actually looked at the ticket and saw what was the gift that this kind person gave so freely and it was a free ticket.


My mind started to drift off as I pulled up to the gas station with my lottery ticket. I was sure God was going to bless me somehow with this ticket, even if I did not understand HOW He would do so. Maybe this was the big one! Maybe I would get blessed financially with the ticket and be able to bless the person who gave it to me with some of the money! MAYBE!


Feeling my imagination start to wander off too far, I snapped back to reality. I prayed that whatever God had for me with this ticket to be done and rubbed the ticket off. When I finished, I had won nothing physically on the ticket. I laughed and scolded myself for even slightly entertaining that thought from a piece of paper when God provided for me all the time.


The feeling of MAYBE I felt and battled with while rubbing the lottery ticket was the feeling many feel when we they gamble with life. They hope and wish that MAYBE things will work out just fine. This is how hinderances of worry, unrest and anxiety creep into our hearts. We put our trust in probability and speculation when those are not sure things.


As followers of Christ, we do not have to gamble and play with life. We know from God that things will work out no matter what. When we trust in making Jesus our Lord, not only our savior, we are given a solid foundation to stand on. We actually can and are putting our lives on the line for the truth and assurance of WHO God is. God is a clear and unfaltering establishment. We do not have to guess and speculate about who we are and what our purpose on Earth is. The word of God informs us that we are spiritual beings made to serve a supreme spiritual being; God. We are to do what God says we are to do, sure we may not know the specifics of each day but we do wake up each day knowing we are to glorify our creator, God. We are reminded time and time again (because we can be forgetful especially when this is not natural for us) of how to glorify Him by the instructions in the Bible.  In addition, Bible directs how to live our life, what will happen in life. It lets know the conclusion of the life here on Earth and the final transition to eternal life in Heaven. God is so good He will even talk to us through dreams, signs and wonders to keep things interesting and us on track! God is limitless to how He will teach us His inevitable plan.

Putting our essence into flimsy creations pulls us from trusting in the creator God, His will and direction for each and every area of our life. God is the rock on which we must stand in order to have a confidence in life. Faith is having an unwavering satisfaction in God and His plan for your life, no gambling necessary or required!



May you choose today to confide in a risk that has no reward or trust in the accuracy of God that will bless you into eternity.

2 Responses

  1. Free4Christ says:

    Yo yo yo!!! This is banging. This is dope!

    Good write up! Love how GOD can take what seems like the smallest moments oe experiences of the day reveal some of the most needed and profound stuff.

    Love ya sista! Keep up the Good work!!! Stay in the Faith and continue to be a blessing, through Him!!!

    I pray your 2018 is amazing.

  2. Roger Cornwell says:

    Keynikka, please keep writing more! This is beautiful and well written and the message is clear! Thank for the fullness of the Godhead that has our life at every turn when we just submit to Him as Lord!! Looking forward to more from you! You have much to say!! I know the Lord has placed it there!!

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