God’s Deaf Ears to a Crying World

"Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

God’s Deaf Ears to a Crying World


Does God hear prayers?  I believe He does. It may be hard to believe, but God hears each and every prayer from every person in this world.


You may hear time and time again, Pray. Prayer is a solemn request for help or an expression of thanks addressed to God. Simply put, it is how we talk to God.  When we pray, we are showing our humbleness to God and trusting that God is able and willing to answer our requests and desires. We pray because we are looking for God to help us. But people tend to confuse the act of God’s hearing prayers with the idea of how God chooses to answer prayers.


God answers prayers according to His will, not your will. So, when you pray for God to do a specific thing and He does something different, it is a flaw in how your prayer and not a flaw in God’s power. The utmost desire of our heart may be the very thing that will be detrimental to us growing in our faith. God will not bless any mess or ungodliness no matter how appealing it may be to us. Our prayers tend to be for things in this world right now when God seeks to bless you for eternity. Think about that, blessings for eternity! In all seriousness, we like to pray for minuscule things when God plans to do bigger miracles than what we can comprehend. For example, we will pray for a boyfriend or a girlfriend when God’s desire is to provide us with a husband or wife.


Many skeptics tend to ask where is God during times of crisis and despair? God is all knowing and all seeing so He is still in control during natural disasters just like He is in control during times of blessings. We are given the choice of free will by God so we have the choice to give into the dirtiest of our desires in this world. This why we have rapists, murderers, and thieves for example. God knows and allows these things to happen so we can see our need for Him. If we did not see the physical manifestation of spiritual evil in the world, we would not feel a need to come to God for help. We would become too proud and arrogant if we did not see the effects of sin. We would think we did everything ourselves and not give honor and praise to the creator.


God does not rejoice at sin because He allows evils things to happen either, God hates sin and evil more than we will ever know that is why He destroyed the Earth during the flood of Moses (Read Genesis chapter 6-9). The world had become so wicked and disobedient that God wanted to get rid of everyone and everything. God’s detest for sin also allowed Him to make a provision for sin through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ. By allowing Jesus Christ to die innocent and free of sin, God showed us that our souls needed repair through our creator.


So what will you do today to change how you are expecting God to change an unfavorable situation, will you ask God to help you have a better understanding of the unfavorable situation?

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  2. Kendra says:

    The point about prayer for now versus praying for eternity and what God ultimately has planned for us is great! I think almost all of us are guilty of praying for the here and now. Something I will definitely consider for the future. Beautiful post!

  3. Eshundra Nunnally says:

    This is good for when you need to get a better understanding of the word I love this site..I’m very Thankful for it

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